35 Greta Guzek

Embracing and capturing the spirit of the West Coast, intricate designs and vivid colours have become a distinctively joyful feature of Greta’s artwork.

36 Liz Christian

Intuitive painting. Acrylic on large canvases. Semi abstract grounded in nature. Bold contrasting colours. Some mixed media work copper/gold leaf, turquoise stone applied.

37 David E Hall

Enjoy bold paintings, etchings and giclee of Coastal BC, Howe Sound and Palm Springs.

38 Margaret Adams

Encaustic medium, acrylic and mixed media – an abstract/non–representational artist, since moving to the coast her work has taken on a West Coast feel.

39 Scott-Wood Gallery

Painter, illustrator, portrait artist. Evocative paintings of the human form create tension between viewer and subject. Exhibitions in Vancouver & international patrons.

40 Coralie Swaney

Contemporary realism paintings with a dash of humour, a pinch of the unexpected & an invitation to the viewer to complete the narrative. Coralie’s sculpted characters remind us that laughing matters.

41 Paula O’Brien

Expressive oil paintings of dancers and fishing boats, plein air paintings in oils/watercolours, bold art photography of dance and fishing harbours at artist’s colourful home studio & new gallery space.

42 Valerie Durant

Valerie’s aqueous images & sculptural forms reflect her oceanic surroundings & brings her art off the beach to you. Best viewing & more art during happy hour 2-5pm.

43 The Kube Studios

Jill Pilon and Jody Youngren invite you to a studio/gallery community for artists, from marketing to teaching to showcasing and space sharing plus fair trade goods and home decor.

44 One Flower One Leaf Gallery

Award winning artist Elizabeth A. Evans retrospective. A 50 year artistic journey with paintings from 1968 to 2018.