47 Susan Furze Studio and Guests

Susan is exhibiting her stained, fused & laminated glass joined by Roberts Creek guests; Sandy Barrett's Jewelry & first time Art Crawl participants, Kaye & Roberta Miller's beautiful woodworking.

48 La Côte Concrete Design

Julien Ruinat – Specializes in concrete kitchen & bathroom countertops, custom fireplace surrounds & fire pits, furniture for indoor & outdoor spaces. Decorative concrete offers design opportunities!

49 Blacksmithing in the Creek

Back again this year, Kelly Backs will turn iron into art with fire, hammer and anvil during 3 days of crowd pleasing demonstrations, Not to be missed!

50 Jeff Barringer

Eclectic abstract expressionist husband and patient wife bring you a dramatic display of vibrant and exciting paintings. Their delightful home gallery will capture your imagination and your heart.

51 Doug Jinkerson

Realistic acrylic paintings of the Sunshine Coast, depicting the natural beauty as well as our impact on this special place.

52 Molten Spirit Glass Studio

Christopher Motloch – Blown glass creations of exceptional beauty inspired by the natural environment of the rainforest and seashore of the Sunshine Coast.

53 Good Wood Studio — Art Walk

While on the Art Crawl come on an Art walk. Visit our studio & take a trek in the forest to see installations from: Kent Alstad, Dean Schutz, Betty Lacoste, Gail Neuman, & Warren Meyers - adapted for all weather.

54 RoseAnn Janzen – Studio/gallery

Edgy & offbeat paintings & driftwood sculptures.

55 Fire and Ash Studio

Jack Ploesser – Gas fired stoneware and porcelain/Scarlet Reds/Blue Celadons/ functional ware and one of a kind. Unique teapots/ platters/bowls/vases.

56 Twenty Six Steamer Trunks

Eugenia Stephenson - shares her wearable art, photographs, prints and jewelry in her cottage studio. Her husband, Michael, adds photographs from the last 65 years.