117 Egerman Pottery

Susan Egerman - garden and yard sculpture as well as functional pottery in porcelain and stoneware. Walk the gardens filled with art sculptures and visit the studio.

118 Brenda Silvey

Jewelry in silver, gold, copper & bronze with gemstones & more • FB: Brenda–Silvey– Gemstone–Silverworks. Tracy Wiseman – Sources sustainable cork fabric for innovative handbags.

119 Lori Morris

Lori Morris is an acrylic landscape painter who enjoys recreating the beauty and light of the Sunshine Coast on canvas. View her time-lapse paintings on her 'LoriMorrisPaintings' YouTube Channel.

120 Huckleberry Studio

Naomi Brand - I am inspired by nature, especially the beach. Functional ware to garden pieces, carving and unique textures. Glazes reminiscent of beach glass.

121 Pamela Roberts

A silversmith. Simple elegant designs draw on the shapes and forms of the undersea world. Starfish and sea urchins, or gold kelp drifting across pebbles of silver become wearable treasures.

122 Watercolour Journey

Hiroshi Shimazaki – Paintings, sketches, prints, cards. Exhibits: 19th C Japan – Rudyard Kipling’s texts with Hiroshi’s historical landscapes; Today’s Japan by Coastal Painting Pilgrims.

123 Sandy Kay

Paints for the joy of it in multiple mediums & styles, from bold large canvases in acrylic & oil to thoughtful watercolours, abstracts, landscapes, seascapes, figurative. Joining Sandy will be artist Teressa Benard.

124 AppleFest Artists

Sponsored by Halfmoon Bay Community Association – new varied media, music, food, apple butter. Saturday night ticketed Boogie Brats Beer, Sunday AppleFest kid fun.

125 Gigi Hoeller

Bright & colourful finger painted oil pastel & mixed media paintings of beautiful BC. Landscapes, totems, intimate florals, European architecture.

126 Rivenrock Studio

Ruth Rodgers – New coast artist painting landscapes and figures in acrylic, oil, and pastel. Demos and lessons.