4 Vaclav (Vash) Stepanek

Newcomer to the Coast. Into lamp & clock–making. Lamps mostly from driftwood. Clocks made from things found around the house/recyclables.

5 Melanie Fogell

Acrylic and sometimes mixed media on canvas. Work is nonrepresentational with ideas based on photographs of landscapes and musical elements of rhythm & movement.

6 Jack Olive Ceramic Studio

Functional, Decorative Pottery and Naked Raku. New this year, ceramic flutes!

7 Marleen Vermeulen & Dolf Vermeulen

Marleen is an internationally renowned painter of large canvasses portraying the emotion of the West-coast land and seascape. Her son Dolf is a professional & adventure photographer.

8 Pottery by Pam

Come and see colorful pottery by Pam Horner that is functional and fun. Each piece is handbuilt and unique, intending to make you smile now and for the years ahead.

9 Coast Chimes

Inspired by nature, Tim Kline uses glass, copper, cedar, driftwood and beach stone to create unique wind chimes, suncatchers and art for the home and garden.

10 Lienzo Loco

Original paintings, photographs and mixed media works by Jeanne Robinson, Deborah Allain, Teryl Mullock, Debra Nelson, Bronwen Boddington and Heather Hargreaves

11 Charmaine Bayntun

Rekindling my art education background and creativity. Watercolours and acrylics used in wide and closeup views to convey the essence of what captures me visually.

12 Bob Bottieri

Oils on canvas with a strong sense of color and form. Inspired by life and by nature, Bob is at heart, a storyteller. A well as painting Bob creates unique stringed insruments. Also on display will be works by LaVonne Girard.

13 Forst Pottery Studio

Forst’s wall murals, sculptures and functional work are inspired by the contours and textures of the world around us. Coastal landscapes influence her work. Live music by the ‘Duttons’ Friday night.